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I work with emerging-to-mid-life adults around many areas of pain, such as anxiety, depression, boundary setting, feeling stuck and needing help making decisions, but my favorite work is helping people through trauma. 


Trauma doesn’t need to be strictly defined or diagnosed to greatly impact your life. Traumatic experiences- whether chronic or a single incident- can cause long-lasting dysregulation of the nervous system. To heal from past experiences that are holding you back, you need more than catharsis and insight. You need to address the impact of trauma on your body and learn new ways of coping and relating to yourself and the world. 



Though loss is something everyone will face at some point, the experience of grief is widely misunderstood, which can make it feel very isolating and lonely. You may feel like others don't understand what you're going through, and you may feel frustrated or disappointed by how the people in your life have responded to your grief. Whatever kind of loss you are going through, I can offer you a supportive and compassionate environment to process all that goes into adjusting to life after loss. 


I incorporate traditional talk therapy with Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, a cutting-edge somatic therapy that will help you learn to regulate your traumatized nervous system. There is relief from the impact of trauma. We can also do EMDR to heal the deep unprocessed memories using bilateral stimulation.  



I am licensed to offer individual therapy to clients in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. 

With the ability to contact me between sessions, I make sure you are supported beyond our weekly meeting. 


Sessions are 50 minutes, held virtually through secure video.


Supervision for Social Workers

I offer supervision for a limited number of Social Workers who are seeking to develop and deepen their clinical practice in a supportive, collaborative and encouraging supervisory setting. Contact me for more information.

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